Verizon Can’t Do Math

My friend Bill found this on Digg probably and posted it on his blog. It’s such a perfect example of corporate stupidity that I had to post it too.

Basically, the story goes that this poor guy, before crossing over into Canada, asked Verizon what their data plan rates were. He was quoted .002 cents per kilobyte. Suspicious of such a low rate, he asked the Verizon rep to verify it, and put it in his account’s notes. She did so, and he went about his merry way into Canada and used his data plan. When he got his bill later, he was charged $.02 a kilobyte and had a bill of over $70. He tried to explain the situation to Verizon’s billing department, and wackiness ensued. Read the transcript HERE.

You’d think that people would realize by now that if a computer geek tells you your math is wrong, you might want to believe him.