Linking a Local Folder with Microsoft’s One Drive


You may want to sync a folder on your computer with OneDrive that isn’t one of the Windows standard C: drive folders like “Documents”, “Pictures” etc. If that’s the case, here’s the command line for you to use to link any folder with OneDrive.

mklink /j “<path to configured OneDrive location>” “<path to directory you want synced>

So, if I had a folder called “photos” on the D: drive that I wanted uploaded and synced with my OneDrive, and my OneDrive was configured to exist at c:\onedrive (the default is C:\users\<username>\onedrive) I’d do the following command in a Command Prompt window:

mklink /j “c:\onedrive” “d:\photos”

You’ll see the “photos” folder appear in your OneDrive, and the OneDrive app should start syncing the files from your local storage to the remote cloud-based storage.

Fight for Net Neutrality!


Support Net Neutrality Now!

Go to:

Click “Express”

Enter “17-108” in the Proceedings box

In the comments box enter : “I strongly support Net Neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. It’s essential to free and open internet communication, and keeping a level playing field among content creators and providers.”

Saitek X52 Pro Not Being Detected by Driver Installation Program (Windows 8 and 10)


My X-52 has been a real pain in the butt in Windows 10. It’s hit or miss if after a reboot the joystick is going to be detected by Windows. Attempting to re-run the driver installer doesn’t help. I found the following tip at the Windows Support site and seems to do the trick.

I finally found a Solution, when I try to load the driver and it gets to the point that it asked me to plug in the device I went to the device manager and when it asked me to install the driver I clicked “browse my computer” then”let me pick from a list” from there it gave me 3 choices, 2 of them were X52 Controllers, the 3rd was a generic USB device, I selected the Generic Device and then the Saitek Driver installer was able to finish its installation

Marketing is Too High a Priority at Apple Today


Conjectures about why Apple can’t get its software act together abound. The most common is that the company has become so trapped in its cycle of annual hardware upgrades — a new iPhone had better appear every September, or else — that it’s simply incapable of keeping its software maintained. Programmer Marco Arment, in a widely-read comment last year, speculated that “the rapid decline of Apple’s software is a sign that marketing is too high a priority at Apple today: having major new releases every year is clearly impossible for the engineering teams to keep up with while maintaining quality. … They’re doing too much, with unrealistic deadlines.”

Using 3D Touch on Apple 6s


Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has been selling strongly since its launch last month, thanks in part to a number of new features including 3D Touch. With it, users can access Quick Actions from the home screen and Peek and Pop from within a variety of stock and third-party apps.


  • Quick Action
  • Peek and Pop
  • Turn your Keyboard into a Trackpad
  • Activating Live Photos
  • Multitasking
  • Pressure-sensitive drawing

The CSSHX App for Mac is seriously handy…


…for SSH’ing into multiple machines at once. It opens a new terminal window for each ssh connection host you provide it in a tiled configuration (By default)

Simply place it in a function in your .bash_profile with the IPs you want to connect to and voila!

For example :

function ssh-hosts() {



After running “source .bash_profile” for your shell to re-read your .bash_profile, typing “ssh-hosts” will connect to the 4 IPs you provided, open up 4 ssh windows, and a single “master” window for controlling all 4 ssh sessions. Brilliant!

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