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Pete Thorn Telling the Story of EVH Moving to EBMM

Pete Thorn posted a new video telling the story of why Eddie Van Halen moved from Kramer to Ernie Ball Music Man, and how the Air Norton and Tone Zone…


Restore the Old “Right-click” Context Menus in Windows 11

If you’re like me and don’t dig the new cartoony icons for cut, copy, and paste in Windows 11 when you right click on things; you can use this terminal…


2022 Asus Zephyrus G15 Keyboard Issue Resolved?

My Zephyrus laptop has been having keyboard issues for quite some time. The “E” key has been intermittent at best and it doesn’t appear to be a hardware issue, but…


Playing with a backing track (1 take)

Music, My Band

My First Electric Guitar

In 1991 my parents bought me my first electric guitar and electric guitar amp for Christmas. The guitar was a brand new Squier II HSS Stratocaster in red, and the…


Linking a Local Folder with Microsoft’s One Drive

You may want to sync a folder on your computer with OneDrive that isn’t one of the Windows standard C: drive folders like “Documents”, “Pictures” etc. If that’s the case,…


All 3 Ultimate Comics Locations Burglarized


Fender Fret Wire, and My Preference

From Fender: The main fret wire maker, California-based Dunlop Manufacturing Inc., produces five main fret sizes. Listed by part number, name (where applicable), crown width and crown height, they are,…