Syfy’s “Helix” needs genetic resequencing

It’s possible that my opinion of Syfy’s “Helix” is a victim of overly high expectations. I was looking forward to show, hoping for a new, clever, and original SciFi show. Unfortunately, what I got was Stephen Carpenter’s “The Thing” mixed with zombies, and a little bit of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” sprinkled in. So far, the characters are flat, the sets are boring, and the editing is disjointed. The pacing was too slow, as if they were having a hard time filling the premier’s time slot. To be honest, there just isn’t a need for another zombie series when I can invest my time with “The Walking Dead” instead. It’s a shame really. I wanted to like this show. It’s just too dependent on common SciFi tropes to be interesting, even with the awesome Jeri Ryan and Billy Campbell gracing the set.

My Buddie’s Loan-Bot Mortgage Calculator

No, this is not a spam post. A friend of mine created his own mortgage calculator and it’s pretty neat. All hail the Loan Bot!

Loan-Bot is a graphical mortgage analyzer and comparison tool.

In addition to basic mortgage calculations and amortization tables, Loan Bot can also graphically illustrate the effect that changing loan parameters has. You can save your mortgage parameters to return to later, or save several and compare them in a chart or in graphs.

Raleigh Midtown News Highlights Joyce Hawley and The Eclectic Furniture Garden

“A professional singer and aspiring author, Hawley, 65, added businesswoman to her resume and found her niche when she and her two daughters opened the popular community furniture and gift store, The Eclectic Furniture Garden.
The three women run the boutique that offers painted, used and consignment furniture, as well as gifts, garden and home accents and work from local artists. It’s a place where Hawley says they can let their creative spirits run wild.”

Full article HERE.