Syfy’s “Helix” needs genetic resequencing

It’s possible that my opinion of Syfy’s “Helix” is a victim of overly high expectations. I was looking forward to show, hoping for a new, clever, and original SciFi show. Unfortunately, what I got was Stephen Carpenter’s “The Thing” mixed with zombies, and a little bit of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” sprinkled in. So far, the characters are flat, the sets are boring, and the editing is disjointed. The pacing was too slow, as if they were having a hard time filling the premier’s time slot. To be honest, there just isn’t a need for another zombie series when I can invest my time with “The Walking Dead” instead. It’s a shame really. I wanted to like this show. It’s just too dependent on common SciFi tropes to be interesting, even with the awesome Jeri Ryan and Billy Campbell gracing the set.