ABC SHITHEAD: Senator Obama, are you a racist elitist Marxist who hates the flag?
OBAMA: No, and what does that have to do with anything?
CLINTON: I’m not saying that Obama is a racist elitist Marxist or anything, but boy, doesn’t he sound like a racist elitist Marxist?
ABC SHITHEAD: Answer the question, Senator. Which are you? Racist, elitist, or Marxist?
OBAMA: You realize this is retarded, right?
ABC SHITHEAD: But you didn’t answer the question.
OBAMA: It’s a stupid question. You know it’s a stupid question.
CLINTON: I’m not saying we shouldn’t be discussing actual policy issues, but wow, how about all the bad people Obama has met at one point or another?
OBAMA: This is idiotic.
ABC SHITHEAD: Let’s move on. Senator Clinton, I note since we’ve spent so much time discussing Senator Obama’s ties to terrorism and how he hates America that you haven’t had nearly as much chance to talk as he has. Would you like to make up that difference in the policy section later?
CLINTON: Yes, please. I’m all about the issues.

I found this on another blog that is quite entertaining HERE.


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