This Guy’s Playing Is Nuts!


Wes Thrailkill showing the versatility of Carvin’s new Kiesel pickups…

James Taylor – “Acoustic Guitar is Not a Precise Instrument”


Tuning your guitar to counteract the bass strings’ larger gauge, and tendency to go sharp.

Mitch Malloy Could Have Been VH’s Singer


I’m pretty sure that Ray Danniels, along with Eddie’s alcoholism is what ruined Van Halen in the post Sammy era. Eddie and Sammy fighting over the management of the band was one of the biggest issues that caused Sammy to leave. Danniels had  recently become the manager during that time. While searching for new singers, VH auditioned Mitch Malloy who was eventually turned down for the gig in favor of Gary Cherone, whom Danniels also managed. The video below is a previously unreleased demo track with Mitch on vocals.

Joe Satriani’s Guide to Stacked Fourths


If someone had mentioned the term “stacked fourths” to me years ago, I would have had no idea what they were talking about.

But I later learned that it is really quite simple and represents a cool approach to constructing chords. In this lesson, I’d like to show you some interesting things you can do with stacked fourths.

In music theory, every note in a chord can be assigned an intervallic number. Typically, we’re dealing with scales built from five to eight notes, and each note is given a number to represent its placement within the given scale.


MXR and EVH Announce New 5150 Overdrive Pedal


This month, MXR announced the release of the new MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive Pedal. It’s odd that Eddie is endorsing a gain pedal since he’s been criticizing the use of them for years, but I’m guessing the market for it is so large that he couldn’t resist. After all, you can’t get a 5150-III amp for under $700 so for the budget-minded, a pedal that gets you most of the way to Eddie’s tone for ~$200 is a no-brainer.


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