From Sony email :

“On September 15, 2011, Sony Network Entertainment America Inc. (“SNEA”) will transfer its online services operations, including your wallet and the funds in it, to Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (“SNEI”). The first time you sign in to your PlayStation®Network account on or after September 15, 2011, you will be asked to enter into a new Terms of Service and User Agreement (“TOS”) and Privacy Policy with SNEI if you wish to continue using your PlayStation®Network account. Please review all changes to the TOS and Privacy Policy carefully before indicating your agreement. In particular, please review Section 15 of the TOS, which now includes a class action waiver and requires that most disputes be resolved through arbitration. ”

I wonder if that last part would actually hold up in court. Especially because the whole Terms of Service agreement is almost like extortion. Basically, you must agree to the ToS, or forfeit the $300 you spent on a PS3 by making it a paper weight. It’d be like Ford calling you up after you bought a car and saying, “We need you to come down and sign a new usage contract for your Taurus. You must agree to never drive it over 35mph, only use Ford parts, and never attempt to sue us. If you don’t agree to these terms we’ll disable all your car’s features except for the engine, even though you paid for all those features.”


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