The fact the Brown defeated Coakley shouldn’t send a “message to Washington” unless the message is “Coakley ran such a crappy campaign that the Democrats lost the seat.” Coakley was so confident that she’d win the election that her campaign was barely a campaign at all. And what she and staff did do to campaign was full of mistakes, unfortunate statements, and a subtext of laziness. You see, it wasn’t that Brown was such a great candidate that he won, it was that Coakley was such a bad candidate that she lost.

The media and the Democrats themselves have made this one seat such a huge deal because it means that they loose their super-majority in the Senate. But, as the Daily Show points out, if the Democrats were in any way as effective as the Republican Party in pushing their agenda, they wouldn’t need a super-majority in the Senate in the first place.

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  1. heatherv on 01.21.2010

    Hard to say is the misspelling of the state, the gaffs at the people of Mass, or maybe that a once male centerfold beat her, it was a sad, sad day and even sadder with healthcare on the line. Regardless, with the resignations of Dodd and Dorgan, midterms 2010 are going to be an uphill battle and only time will tell is those up can hold it together, keep it in their pants, not hire morans to run their campaigns or anything else they can think of to stumble. Well stated that this SHOULD have been a slam dunk of all states. I think I heard the ghost of a Kennedy and every word was foul.

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