They’ve even stated that they plan to open many of them near existing Apple Stores. You might ask yourself, what would a Microsoft Store sell? Apple actually makes computers AND the OS. What will we find inside a Microsoft Store? I think Penny Arcade hit the nail on the head…

Penny Arcade Comic

Seriously though, my guess is that you’ll find a buttload of XBox games, XBox controllers, Microsoft peripherals, PC Games, and Microsoft software. Does that really warrant a store though? Especially since you can get all that at just about any electronics store?


  1. Bill on 07.25.2009

    I would say the stores are likely to flop as they’re supposedly less about buying things and more about educating/presenting. Apple has melded those two activities quite well, but I’m not sure MS can. Microsoft also seems to want to be a lifestyle brand and outside of the Xbox, I don’t think they’re well positioned to do that, but I could be wrong. Many were totally off about the Apple stores in the beginning.

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