Whining – Guitars


Errrrgh! So, I finally have the guitars I’ve always wanted but now they all need work. The Carvin DC-200 needs its intonation and action fixed. The Peavey Wolfgang Special FR needs its action fixed, and the Peavey Wolfgang Special ST needs its intonation adjusted. Dammit! That’s a big chunk of change to get all that work done. The Carvin was my main axe for years, and has only been tweaked once, so it’s definitely due for some repairs. The Peavey Wolfgang Special FR is a 1998 model, and I’m not suprised it needs some work. (Let’s just say it’s an “experienced” guitar. 😉 ) The Peavey Wolfgang Special ST just needs the Tune-O-Matic adjusted so that it’s intonation will be correct. That guitar is brand new, but sat on a shelf for a long time before it found a home in my office.

Anyway, it looks like I’m gonna have to prioritize what gets fixed first. I can’t afford ~$300 worth of guitar adjustments in one lump. Like I said earlier – Errrrghhh!!!

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