Safari and Downloading Embedded Video

Here’s an example of how brilliant Safari can be with the use of it’s activity monitor. Do you have a video on YouTube that you like and wish you could save to your computer without using a screen capture utility? Here’s an easy way to get what you’re looking for. Open Safari’s activity monitor window while the video is downloading and find the video file in the activity list. Then Option+Double-Click the file and Safari will begin downloading the video via it’s download manager. (If you do this from YouTube the file will be a “FLV” file, but that’s fine because iSquint will convert that into a more usable form for you.) Neato huh?


  1. HappyClint

    I have a question I tried this and I was unsuccessful I went through the steps like you said I went to window activity found my file that I was loading option clicked but what was downloaded was unusable even by isquint the file I downloaded was only .8kb so I know it is too small. Is there another step?

    Also I attempted the technique with the 8300HD box and a firewire cable I did everything step by step, but I was unsuccessful. I even tried both techniques, uing Virtual DVHS and the other program.

    I am sure I must be missing some small step in both of these but I can’t find it.

  2. I think that the Safari downloading technique only sometimes works. It depends on the site you’re viewing and the movie type. In regard to the 8300HD box, it should work if you’ve followed every step in my instructions. I was very careful to make those directions as complete as possible. If it’s not working for you, my guess is that you’re trying to capture video from a non-HD channel, or one that is copy protected.