Raleigh Midtown News Highlights Joyce Hawley and The Eclectic Furniture Garden

“A professional singer and aspiring author, Hawley, 65, added businesswoman to her resume and found her niche when she and her two daughters opened the popular community furniture and gift store, The Eclectic Furniture Garden.
The three women run the boutique that offers painted, used and consignment furniture, as well as gifts, garden and home accents and work from local artists. It’s a place where Hawley says they can let their creative spirits run wild.”

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Understanding Nerds

A friend of mine shared this article on Twitter, and it was so profound that I had to share it as well.

Excerpt :

“…when normal people talk to nerds, the nerds often get frustrated because the normal people seem to be dodging the real issues and not saying what they really mean. Worse yet, when nerds talk to normal people, the normal people’s feelings often get hurt because the nerds don’t apply tact, assuming the normal person will take their blunt statements and apply whatever tact is necessary.”

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