The CSSHX App for Mac is seriously handy…

…for SSH’ing into multiple machines at once. It opens a new terminal window for each ssh connection host you provide it in a tiled configuration (By default)

Simply place it in a function in your .bash_profile with the IPs you want to connect to and voila!

For example :

function ssh-hosts() {



After running “source .bash_profile” for your shell to re-read your .bash_profile, typing “ssh-hosts” will connect to the 4 IPs you provided, open up 4 ssh windows, and a single “master” window for controlling all 4 ssh sessions. Brilliant!

What’s That Red Button on Eddie’s Guitar?

I’ve been wondering what that red dot or button on Eddie’s EVH Stealth was for a while. After some Google-Fu I came across the following video that explains what it is and where you can get one. It’s basically a mute button, to replicate that Jimmy Page quick muting oscillation sound that occurred when he quickly threw the Les Paul pickup selector switch back and forth with one of the pickup’s volume turned down. Unlike the Les Paul, the EVH Wolfgang guitar only has 1 volume knob, so I guess Eddie had his guitar techs just add the mute button to get the same effect.