EVH Reveals New “Vintage” Amp on the Way

From the Washington Times and VHND.com

Q: Speaking of equipment, what new EVH gear are you working on?

A: People are always screaming and yelling for that classic vintage guitar sound. The 5150 III amps are very high-gain. The main thing that we’re working on is an amp that is modeled after the old vintage Marshall that I used on the first six records. I wanted more sustain out of them.

The difference between the 5150 III amp, and this new amp we are working on is the tubes. They use EL34 tubes, which are more like my original vintage Marshall. Still trying to figure what to call it. Might call it the 5150 III-IV because they use the EL34 tubes. I told Howard Kaplan, the amp guy at Fender/EVH, what I wanted, and just last week they all came out and I gave it a test run. It blew my mind. It has the old vintage tone but with more sustain

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EVH Phaser and Flanger Settings

In a Guitar World article from November 2014, Eddie Van Halen explained how he got his signature Phaser and Flanger sound.

In regard to the Phaser…

 I used it with the control set between 9 and 10 o’clock. I still use it the same way today. I just locked into that one setting, and I’ve used it ever since.


and the Flanger…

I set the three knobs on the left between 11 o’clock or 11:30, and the last knob on the right [regeneration] is all the way up. I might fine-tune the speed a little to match it to the tempo of the song, like on “Unchained” where the sweep goes perfectly with the riff. I was just goofing off and experimenting. It wouldn’t have sounded good to use the flanger all the way through. The riff just needed a little bit here and there. It’s a cool, tasty little tidbit that I threw in there to draw attention to the riff.

EVH Wolfgang Questions Answered

I recently ordered an EVH Wolfgang Special with Floyd Rose tremolo, and I plan to start a fan site around all the Wolfgang models. (Which began with Peavey, and then later Fender.) As such, I had some questions regarding the EVH Wolfgang Special model that needed answering as the EVH Gear website isn’t as specific as I’d like. Those questions and answers are below.

Where is the EVH Wolfgang Special Floyd Rose model manufactured for its multiple model years? 2013, 2014, 2015 (I know some are made in Mexico, some in Japan, and some in Indonesia. Which ones, where?)

–Production moved from Japan to China in 4/2012. Then to Mexico in 6/2014.

The EVH Web site states that the EVH Wolfgang Special Hardtail has “Vintage Size” frets. What actual fret gauge is that?

–Since the hard tail version was made in factories located overseas (that have sense closed) I do not have the exact measurements of those frets. I will investigate and let you know what I find!

What is the EVH Wolfgang’s neck profile? (In the past, the Peavey-made models were asymmetrical. Is that still the case?)

It is indeed still asymmetrical.

The EVH website states that the maple top on the EVH Wolfgang Special is a veneer, even on the solid painted models. Is that correct? I would expect that the flamed finishes would be a veneer, and the solid finishes wouldn’t have a top at all.)

–You are correct. No veneer on the solid colors.

I’m quite impressed with Fender’s fast and informative response. Thanks FMIC!