Sunday, July 10, 2005

EBay is evil. (Peavey Wolfgangs) 

I don't know why I torture myself. For quite a long while now, I've been wanting another Peavey Wolfgang Special. I currently own one with a Floyd Rose Tremelo, but Floyd Roses tend to add a "tinny" quality to the guitar's tone. While it doesn't matter much when you have lots of gain piled on top of the guitar's natural sound, playing anything clean reveals the Floyd's tone effects. Every once in a while, I check EBay to see if there are any good deals on a Peavey Wolgang Special with a Stopbar Tailpiece. A stopbar is basically just a metal rod bolted to the guitar body, and since it doesn't float on springs like a tremelo, it has a much warmer sound. (Les Pauls have StopBar Tailpieces.) So, I checked EBay today, and found one. It's Purple, USA made, and has chrome hardware. You can view the listing HERE. Sigh...Why do I torture myself?