Thursday, March 17, 2005

2 Button Apple Mouse? Has Hell has frozen over? 

AppleInsider has reported that Apple may be developing a 2 button mouse.

Apple has stubbornly refused to develop a 2 button mouse for years, confusing and frustrating users as to why they are so opposed to the idea. Currently, within the Mac OSX operating system, if you want to open an option menu you have to hit "CTRL" on the keyboard and click with their 1-button mouse. That requires the use of 2 hands which is just not as efficient as using a 2-button mouse and right clicking. It's faster, and only requires one hand. The first thing many Mac users do when they setup their new Apple machine is chuck the Apple 1-button mouse in a drawer and use a Microsoft or Logitech 2/4-Button mouse. If Apple actually ends up developing a 2-button, I'll use it - and that means less money I have to give to Microsoft. For that reason alone it'll be worth it... ;-)