Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I've Given Up on Van Halen 

I come to the realization that there is one reason that Van Halen has become a joke to rock fans. Edward Van Halen. The band has gone through 3 lead singers, brought back singer number 2, and will most likely break up again after the overly priced reunion tour is over. It has been *RUMORED* that his marriage with Valerie Bertanelli ended when he started smoking again after a scary bought with tongue cancer. (Valerie wouldn't stick around and watch him kill himself. It has also been reported that he's drinking again.) He's had his own signature guitar series with Ernie Ball and then moved to Peavey. Now it has been announced that that business relationship has ended as well. Who is the common denominator here? EVH. I love VH's music, and Eddie's influence on my guitar playing is cherished. However, I just need to come to grips with the fact that VH is dead and will never be what it once was, the best hard rock band on Earth. Why? Perhaps the blame can be put on the Van Halen brother who doesn't play the drums...