Tuesday, November 02, 2004

3D Space Exploration for your desktop 

If you're a Space nut, I have found the software for you... Thanks to Discover magazine, I have "discovered" the awesomeness that is Celestia. Celestia is a 3D Space Simulator that allows you "fly" through space to a huge database of real life celestial objects. Want to see where the International Space Station is right now? Run Celestia on your Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX box, fly to the ISS and see it sitting in orbit on the dark side of the planet. You can also accelerate time, and follow the path of the Galileo space probe through its journey to Jupiter. The best thing about Celestia it that it's FREE! The graphics are beautiful, and there's a comminity out there making even better texture graphics for the software, and even fictional models. (I have Endor and Tatooine installed for example.) I highly recommend this software. You can download it HERE.