Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Line 6 Flextone III 

I traded in my Peavey Classic 50 for a Line 6 Flextone III yesterday. I loved my Peavey, it had a great tube tone, but I just got tired of lugging that 65lb amp around to gigs. I wanted something more versitile, and lighter. So, Flextone III it is! I'm really impressed with this amp. It is incredibly versitile and its amp simulation is astounding. It's 20lbs lighter than the Peavey, and can produce a wider variety of guitar tones than the Peavey. Comparing the 2 amps really is pointless, they are 2 totally different beasts. I just wanted to go in a diffferent direction with my guitar sound. You can check out the Flextone III at Line6's website,