Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Van Halen Tour on the way? 

From vhnd.com (Van Halen News Desk)

"Earlier rumors suggested that the first shows of the new tour would begin in the middle of June, but sources tell the VHND that dates have been booked a couple of weeks earlier than that on the East Coast. So the world may get its first taste of Van Halen in the New Millennium at the beginning of June or possibly even the end of May! The first shows planned are expected to be indoor arenas, with a stretch of outdoor sheds to follow in the hot Summer Nights of 2004!

The lack of official confirmation from official Van Halen channels has done nothing to silence rumors that continue to surface about the near-term future of the band. Billboard Magazine has broken word that the William Morris Agency , booking agent for some of the biggest acts in music, film, and TV, has signed the band for promotion of this summer's tour. Sources also indicate that all four members have signed on to an agreement with Warner Brothers for the Best Of Volume II, and hopefully for a full studio album to be recorded after the tour. Speculation has run rampant that official confirmation of tour dates and the release of the Best Of album is only a matter of days away, some believing that word may come tomorrow, March 16th, or "316" if you will, after Ed's son Wolfie's birthday and the song of the same name.

While the long-awaited official announcement has yet to materialize, it is worth noting that the www.van-halen.com newsletter has been reactivated and the main page has had a new graphic added. These may not seem earth shattering but for a site that has been virtually unchanged in the last two years these small events are quite remarkable indeed."