Saturday, January 17, 2004

eMac / GarageBand 

I cancelled my web order for the eMac and went and picked up one at the Apple Store. So here's the verdict...

1) The eMac is cool. The CRT looks very crisp, and for $799 it's a great Mac. The only thing bad about the base model eMac is its small amount of RAM, 128MB, but I had some PC133 laying around so it wasn't much of an issue.

2) Garageband rules!!! It is possibly the best studio software you could ever buy for $49.99. The interface is laid out very well, it's intuitive, the software instruments are awesome for this price range, and the waveform editing is pretty straight forward. I haven't played with it a huge amount yet, but I'm sure I'm going to get 10x my money's worth out of this software.


Thursday, January 15, 2004

New eMac on the way... 

Whoa. I can't beleive it. I ordered a 1Ghz G4 eMac today. (well, technically yesterday.) I finally just got tired of all the computer's I've got. Each one serves a different purpose. With the eMac, I can retire my 1U server running Windows, and my linux PC. (Apple's OS gives you the best of both the Windows and Linux world thanks to OS X.)

This all started with the release of Apple's GarageBand software. I have been wanting a good recording studio program for a long time now, and when Apple announced GarageBand as part of its $49 iLife software suite, I was very excited. (Most recording software out there with the same features can run up to $300!) Then I found out that in order to use all the cool synth instruments for GarageBand you needed a G4 processor. So, I wrote off ever using GarageBand because my iBook is a G3. (I guess you need the G4 instruction set for the simulated instruments.)

About a week later, after researching my recording studio options, I came across a Dual 867 G4 PowerMac on Ebay. After begging my wife to let me bid on it, (I don't know how she puts up with me...) it became apparent that one of the guys I was bidding against had more money to spend than me. Even with a bid of over $900, I still couldn't out-bid the guy. So much for that idea.

Then I remembered that Apple had reduced their eMac prices and that you could pick one up for $800. It had everything I wanted, a line-in jack, G4 1Ghz processor, a 80GB Hard Drive, and a CD-R/DVD drive. So, I ordered it. After customizing, I ended up spending well under $1000.

So, in about 2 weeks I should have a eMac with GarageBand on it, ready to do some music recording. Woohoo! I haven't bought a new desktop machine since the late 90's, so this is a real treat for me.