Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Carvin has arrived! 

Well, it's official. I finally own a Carvin Colbat C-750. After the hell I went through to get this thing, it better be a good guitar. Okay, let me try this thing out. Hmmm...nice action....tone is bright....wow the finish, binding and wood is beautiful. This guitar is awesome!!! I'm really happy with it. I couldn't find a better acoustic for the price. As long as Carvin credits me for the case as promised, my bitching is complete! ;-)


Echnet has Moved! 

Echnet is now being hosted by VerveHosting.com. If you're looking for an inexpensive place to host your web sites, or email accounts, I highly suggest them. The Eclectic Garden's site and the Bottom Dollar Blues Band site will also be moved to VerveHosting.com soon.


Moving Echnet 

I will be moving Echnet.com to a web hosting service, Vervehosting.com, soon. My internet connection is just too unreliable to host my websites at home. If the move goes well, I'll probably move CarolinaNissans.com too. I have already purchased my VerveHosting account, and it will be a couple days before the settings propagate through the DNS servers. If you find that The Echelon Network is down, it is because I'm busy moving the website over to the hosting service. Web hosting for $10 a month! Woohoo!