Thursday, November 20, 2003

Carvin strikes again! 

Wow. I can't beleive it. Carvin called me today, and told me that they shipped out the acoustic I ordered by accident... So, they won't credit my account until I refuse shipment of the guitar, and they get the guitar back. This has possibly been the mose insane purchase I have ever had to go through! I think I'll keep the guitar, and just get them to credit me the cost of the case like they promised. At least then I'll finally have the acoustic I wanted all along, and this whole process will be done with. I think the guy I've been dealing with is just totally inept at his job. I've never had problems like this with Carvin before. This particular sales rep is the common denominator!


Carvin Order Cancelled 

Well - my favorite guitar company has let me down. Carvin still couldn't get my order right, and even forgot to give me the guitar case for free as they promised. So, I cancelled the order. It was just getting way too frustrating. Last night, I was going through my friend Stewart's Musicians' Friend catalog, and came across the Peavey Wolfgang Specials. (See image at left.) I have always wanted one of these guitars, and have been wanting to get an electric lately that I wouldn't mind if it got a little scratched from gig to gig. (The Carvin DC-200 is my main guitar right now, and it's getting a little too beat up for my tastes.) So, I might try and see if I can get my hands one of these Peaveys. (The wife would prefer I buy an acoustic, but I really think I'd get more use out of the Wolfgang since I gig with my electrics, not acoustics.) Keep yer fingers crossed for me!


Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Carvin's "Kudos" Revoked 

I called Carvin today. My acoustic guitar still hasn't shipped. Come to find out, they had to process the order a 3rd time, and the guitar still hasn't made it's way through quality control. (I really don't mind that much, Carvin's quality control rocks.) What does piss me off is that if they want to sell stuff, they might want to get their ordering process fixed. (Wow, there's a thought.) Anyway, I'm supposed to call the sales rep at on Thursday so that he can make sure that it gets shipped by then. Man, if Carvin's guitars weren't so cool - I wouldn't put up with this crap. This seems to be a theme in my life right now - Apple and Carvin, two companies that make great products with "ify" customer service....


iBook Troubles 

I took my iBook into the Apple Store this morning for repairs. I made sure to voice my concerns to the Apple tech that this is the second time I have taken my iBook in for the exact same problem. My warantee expires in February, and I'm worried that this issue will happen again AFTER the warantee expires. It is obvious that there is something about my iBook that keeps causing the montherboard to fail. I'm not doing anything weird with the iBook to make it fail, like using it as a coaster, or a booster seat for my son. Apple's answer whenever you bring up a possible defect in on of their products is, "Purchase AppleCare (extended warantee)." Why should I give Apple $250 for a 2 year warantee because the machine I purchased from them is a lemon? Nevermind the fact that I might end up taking this laptop in for repairs every six months. How inconvenient is that?! What really ticks me off is that I am actually considering getting AppleCare. Sure, I could bitch to Apple Support about this issue, and possibly get some compensation, but what about the other issues that might come up with the iBook in the future? It is a laptop after all, and they are more sensitive to wear and tear. It's probably a good idea to get AppleCare regardless of my current motherboard issue.

Stupid Apple. Why does their OS have to be so cool? ;-)


Online Bitching... 

Ok, need to vent.

1) Ordered a wireless NIC for my wife's computer a couple of weeks ago. It was backordered so I had to wait for it. It shipped, but never arrived. Come to find out it was returned to because I forgot to put the suite number on the shipping address. So, I could wait no longer and bought a D-Link wireless NIC from the BestBuy store. I forgot to bring it home from work on Friday, so I didn't get the card home until today. I installed the card tonight, and after working on it for a bout 2 hours, have realized that the card is defective. Now, after all this frustration, I have decided to just drill a hole in the wall and drop a CAT5 down from Chrissy's office down into mine...

2) Several months back I had to take my iBook in to the Apple Store for repairs. The laptop would get squiggly lines across the screen and freeze. They replaced the motherboard on the iBook and shipped it back to me. Now, a couple months later, the iBook is doing it again. Keep in mind that the iBook isn't a year old yet. In Feb. of 2004 my warantee runs out... This unreliability is making me nervous.

3) My internet connection is STILL wishy-washy. For weeks at a time it will run perfectly, and then for a week it will loose connectivity 3 times a day and requires a reboot of the cable modem - what's the deal!?

Okay, there's my rant. It looks like everything computer related in my life has decided to go to crap. Bitching complete!


Monday, November 17, 2003

Drooling over an amp 

Well, it's official - I am in full music mode. Of all my hobbies, the one that will always take precdence over all the others is music. Right now, all I want to do is stuff that is music related. I want to play more gigs, and more types of music. To do so, I have my eye on a very versitile guitar amp that is of great quality, and cheap to boot!

This little guy has many digital amp models from classic blues, to modern metal, digital SPDIF outputs, 2x50 watts stereo output, and several digtal effects like reverb, chorus, delay, pitch shifter, flanger, and wah. It also has several speaker cabinet simulators as well. This Behringer V-Ampire has all these features for under $300! That's what I love about Behringer. They make great products for a lot cheaper than their competitors, and have a great reputation for quality.


Kudos to Carvin 

I ordered a new Carvin Cobalt C-750 acoustic guitar last week, and called to check on the order status today. Come to find out, the order never went through. This is the second time that an online order I filled out on the Carvin site didn't go through. I recommend to anyone ordering a guitar from Carvin to do so over the phone. Anyway, you may be wondering why the title of this entry is "Kudos to Carvin." I had to reorder the guitar, but Carvin (without me asking) gave me the hard shell guitar case for free to apologize for the inconvenience. Yeah, their online ordering sucks, but they make awesome guitars, and in this particular instance their customer service was top notch. Therefore, "Kudos to Carvin."


Finally, a Blog 

Well, I have finally done it. It looked like everybody in the world, but me, had a blog, so I went ahead and started one. I started playing around with MovableType on my server at home, but got lazy and decided to go ahead and use Blogger until I get more time to do it right with MT. The template selection in Blogger is kinda limiting, but I am going to tweak the color and font sizes here and there - and should have something looking pretty decent soon.

Basically, on The Echelon Network, I host friends' websites, my band's website (Bottom Dollar Blues Band,) and a Nissan enthusiast messageboard called "" I've added this blog to my hosting list now as well, and hope to make this blog a lot more interesting as time progresses.

Thanks for stopping by!